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  • Why

    We develop great optimised websites at affordable prices. There are many organisations that offer cheap web design in the marketplace & many can build them well. However, what seems to be a well known issue is that generally, web designers like to build around functionality first, design second & whatever else after, such as Search Engine Optimisation. Our team has been in the industry a long time & have seen this issue arise on many occasions. JustWebsiteSEO.com has been created to offer a better web design service at a better price but with all factors addressed such as functionality, design & very importantly, optimisation.

    There’s no point in creating a website if it can’t be found!

    We can help your business build a strong web presence online & enhance your brand perception from your visitors point of view. JustWebsiteSEO.com Web design packages have everything you will need to get you up & running including Web Hosting, E-Mail Addresses, & Onsite Optimisation which could work out very expensive if purchased separately!

    Trust us to build your website & you will see that a website is not just about a few pictures &  text but a marketing tool to entice potential customers & ensure them that that your brand is just what their looking for!


    Working with a 5 Step Process, we have developed a method that enables us to build great quality websites at affordable prices. Have a look at our web design packages for more details. We look at all your requirements & specifications to determine what would be the best solution to your needs. In many circumstance, the client doesn’t know what they require but that’s what we’re here for. We are a One-Stop Shop Agency that can deliver all your brand needs in one place at a great price.

    We pride ourselves on how we develop websites taking into account the functionality & the design. Obviously a website that doesn’t function won’t be well received by the user & contradicts why it’s built. Furthermore, a website that’s not aesthetically pleasing will not have many returning visitors! But most importantly, if users can’t find your website, what chance does functionality & design have? We build  websites from a Search Engine’s point of view which allows the website to get ranked naturally for keywords that the client targets. In a lot of circumstances, the website will rank for keywords without even knowing it which is a sign of a good website build. We take care of the main aspects that Search Engines, such as Google, look out for within their 200+ ranking factor algorithm. We generally build on a WordPress platform which gives the client the best opportunity to rank well on Search Engines. We’ve tried numerous different platforms but none compare in terms of optimisation & client integration.

    We use the latest web technologies to create your website including a variety of HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, CSS, Ajax, Java Script, jQuery, Silver Light, SQL & more. We don’t claim to know everything but what we do claim to do is build fantastic aesthetically pleasing websites that function seamlessly & rank up well on search engines!


    Web design can be varied in the length it takes to produce a good quality website. We generally expect one of our websites to be created within an 8 week period. This is not to say that a website cannot be created within a few days however a well designed website will be effectively planned, strategised, designed, developed & tested before it can be handed over to the client.

    We may sure the website will be cross browser compatible & tested vigorously to ensure we give you a great quality product every time. And once its time to handover to the client, we ensure you know how to use the system as well therefore we give you a one to one tutorial about the functionality.

Our 5 Step Process

  • 20


    • Client requirements
    • Strategy
    • Project charter
  • 40


    • Info transmission
    • Site structure
    • Visual representation
  • 60


    • Programming work
    • Content loading
    • Special features
  • 80


    • Preparation for public
    • Refinement
    • Deep testing
  • 100

    Post Launch

    • Final testing
    • Hand over
    • Training & Support

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