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    A2Z Photography  came to us wanted a whole new development of their flash based site. They are a photography business based in the North West London area specialising in Wedding & Event photography.

    We were of course delighted to help & seeing as though they could also offer us great photography for their own website, it was a superb way to show a great visual representation of their services and product offering.

    The requirement was a way to create a a optimised website that could rank well naturally within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). They wanted to showcase their work as effectively as possible as well as a client area that their clients can view and proof images that have been taken.



    There were certain factors that needed to be considered when developing this website. Firstly, it needed to showcase the brands services and product offering through the vibrant colours and techniques that made them recognisable within the industry.  This would help the brand become recognised through their own unique  identity and maintain the brands ethic and ethos through an online presence. Colours, fonts and other aesthetic logistics were obtained during the planning and information gathering stage which would help define the website & make it personal to the A2Z Brand.

    We wanted to give the client the opportunity to manage the system themselves and update any news or galleries that they wanted to put online & showcase. However, we also wanted to maintain the integrity of the system so that nothing can be changed with regards to structure, therefore, a CMS system was advised. With regards to optimisation, the previous website was based upon a flash solution therefor although the homepage could rank within the SERPs, internal pages on the previous website hardly had a chance to rank. They lacked fundamental factors to help optimisation and this was something that could be addressed immediately.



    A fully optimised CMS system was developed where users of A2Z Photography could maintain themselves with new fresh content that could help them rank for keyword accordingly. We optimised the site using a variety of techniques and optimised for traffic driving terms that could lead to conversions.

    A client area was developed for client to proof and view pictures that had been taken on their event. A blog and news area was also provided to enable the organisation to share anything that they wanted including any new techniques or what events have happened.  Furthermore, full social integration was established to enable users to share all service provided by A2Z Photography or news entries.