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    El Shaddai Child Rescue came to us wanted a revamp of their website. They are a charity based in Goa India focusing poverty of children and women in the area. 

    Working with a charity is a great way for JustWebsiteSEO.com to give something back and help a good cause. We were of course delighted to take the project on especially if it could make a difference globally!

    The old website was very dated and used old technology which although was still functional, was not aesthetically pleasing or optimised very well. It had a number of issues including duplicated content through the variety of different domain names that were iframed and furthermore, the ability to update the website by the webmaster was highly time consuming and not very efficient.

    The requirement was to create a website that could showcase what the organisation did and how others can contribute to the efforts that were being made. This would be through the different contribution areas such as Volunteering, Sponsoring a project or a child. The staff at El Shaddai Child Rescue had the requirement to also include a blog area where they could keep visitors up to date with what was going on with the organisation.



    We recommended that the organisation take the Web Gold package to enable us to build the perfect solution to their requirements. This included being able to portray the organisation as a charity which would help children and women in the area. They would be able to showcase their service, the centres and buildings that they operated as well as updating the blog with any relevant news and reports. An important factor in this project was to allow the Web Master of El Shaddai Child Rescue to make changes to the website without disturbing the integrity and structure of the site. We would build the website on a CMS platform with a WYSIWYG editor to make life very easy for the webmaster for any updates that need to take place once the site is up and running. Other recommendations to the websites included a blog, user roles, newsletter, social login, donation payments and contact forms.

    With regards to brand management, we wanted to establish the brand as El Shaddai Child Rescue rather than a number of other terms as the brand could be easily recognised  rather than visitors being confused by other brands with similar names.  Colours, fonts and other aesthetic logistics were obtained during the planning and information gathering stage which would help define the website & make it personal to the El Shaddai Child Rescue Brand.



    JustWebsiteSEO.com developed a fully optimised CMS system that would cater for all the clients needs that were gathered within the planning phase of the project. We built the website with a very eye catching homepage that would entice visitors to research more within the site about the organisation. Relevant section were created to showcase the different service that the organisation did and how it made a difference. The website also illustrated the different buildings and projects that were on going as well as any recent news that took place through the organisations blog.

    We build the pages with the web master in mind as changes to the site would be frequent therefore we developed the pages using a WYSIWYG editor. This allows the webmaster to make changes to the website with very little coding knowledge. Furthermore, a full user manual was created to support the user in any development that he/she was doing. The actual coding work that has taken place during the development phase of the website was all hidden sing a user role generator which hid any functionality that would disrupt the integrity of the site. Social Logins were also implemented to allow visitors to comment and login using their Facebook, Twitter & Google accounts. Lastly, a payment mechanism supported the donation area where donator information was sent to the webmaster incase of bounces during the donation stage.

    What is paramount from the site is the fact of how well optimised the website is. Without the website paying for sponsored advertising, it is generating an increase of 87% visitors in comparison to the last website. Donations and goal activity have increase significantly to generate a great Return On Investment!