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    JustHostingWebsites.com is a brand new website host that provides optimised website hosting to website owners. They specialise in hosting websites that have been optimised to provide an optimum solution at great value.

    Requirements: To create a website that will generate natural traffic from search engines. The website must showcase their various packages available as well as the host of features provided. The design must be aesthetically pleasing with a clean modern design. The client must be able to access their purchased accounts through the website and make changes as they wish.



    We recommended that the client purchased the Silver Web package. The website would be of medium size and would not need as many pages to showcase the great services that they provide. We recommended to put more emphasis on defining the brand at this stage as it is a new business and must be recognised within the industry. They had a great business model and had a number of features that could be used as key selling points.

    With the brand being so new, we took the lead alongside the client to define what we thought would be a great design incorporating their specification of requirements but with a JustWebsiteSEO.com twist. The client was very open to hear what we had to offer and equally impressed with what was suggested. The main focus on this project was based brand management and optimisation.



    We’re in the process of designing and developing a fully optimised CMS system. We’ll be updating the website as soon as the solution is live.

    Exciting times for JustWebsiteSEO.com & JustHostingWebsites.