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    NorthStar Personal Trainers are a group of personal trainers that required some web presence online. They had previously focused all their attention on offline marketing techniques but have now decided to expand their online market share. They came to to develop a website and to regenerate their brand. After a details meeting with the client, we worked together to develop a strategy to develop a website which could become a key marketing asset for their brand. All the information they use when pitching to new clients could be made available to the website which would entice potential clients to sign up to their service.

    The main focus on this project was to really generate a brand online and develop a web presence to showcase the fitness opportunities to the client.



    We wanted to offer NorthStar Personal Trainers a way in which they could showcase their product offering as well as generate visitors from the way in which they carry out fitness. A blog would be highly beneficial to the organisation as they could showcase the variety of innovative techniques they work with.  At a later date, the business will hopefully expand into a full time gym with classes therefore the option to illustrate an event calendar was also needed for later use.

    The Silver Web package was ideal for what they wanted and any upgrades they require at a later date could be easily implemented & incorporated into their new design. A new blog section would be added to allow fresh new content that will help with acquiring any new visitors converting into return visitors. All this would be used by a CMS System  that would assist the client in creating all the new posts to the blog and make minor updates to the website when needed.



    The final web build took approximately 2 months to complete form start to finish. We incorporated the logo and branding colours that was brainstormed and discussed with the client. The website uses a fully optimised CMS system that they control and update on a regular basis. This includes an FAQ section, video backgrounds, customer packages and more. Furthermore, we have also given the client an option to include a e-commerce shop for future incase they start selling memberships, packages or equipment online at a later stage. This was done using the very versatile framework we use.

    Since completion, the feedback from Northstar Personal Trainers has been phenomenal. They have increased business as well as built a brand to work from. All marketing material including flyers, business cards and t-shirts have all incorporated the colours and logs used with the website to create a brand synergy.

    Visits to the site organically have made a real impact to the growth of the business as each and every page is optimised from the JustWebsiteSEO way, from the foundation. This will help the website to continually gain visibility online through the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).