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    Phoenix Karate School  came to us as there current website was created by the client and therefore his expertise were limited in terms of Web Design & SEO. They are a karate school specialising in Goju-Ryu Karate in the North London area.

    Of course, were up to the job to create a new website that could showcase the karate school‘s skills and make the website a valuable market asset to the company.

    Their requirement was to utilise there current website & marketing but incorporate it into a new a fresh looking optimised website that would increase visibility online within the  SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). They required a members area so that current members could be updated with any news that tok place during the week/months such as grading, awards, event etc. They also required an interface where they could maybe utilise membership where they would be able to sell the membership through an e-commerce system. Lastly, they wanted to showcase some of their photos from all the members.



    We wanted to create a website using our great framework that is super versatile and allows the business to really showcase their talent and what is offered to customers. The front page should incorporate a  video background to emphasise what the brand is all about. ALl the marketing material from the previous website should be used including company colours and logos. This should be found throughout the site which allows users to recognise the brand whether online or off.

    A  CMS system will be incorporated that allows the client to manage the system themselves with any new items, testimonials, interesting news, etc. A membership area is also a necessity which will be hidden behind a password protected area so that  only members can view the site. To really emphasise the use of the website as a marketing asset, we a FAQ section for any questions that people have about the service or business should be made available. This is due to the fact that when potential customers approach the client, all the information require can be found online and therefore they should only need to talk the client if they have any additional concerns or want to sign up through a manual means (not online).  An e-commerce section should be created to sell the memberships online with a coupon system  to offer discounts when offers arise.

    Lastly, create an optimised site to increase visibility online within the SERPs.



    A fully optimised CMS system was created to showcase the Phoenix Karate brand. This has incorporated all the requirements that the client had and what we found to be the best solution to their needs. The client is overwhelmingly happy with the result and we we’re only to happy to oblige and are ecstatic with the results. Through keyword research and optimisation, we have found that the site has increased visibility online by 200% within a month.  They now update the website whenever they choose and only need our help if they have a bit of difficult. This isn’t a problem as we’re only on the other end of the phone.

    Members now utilise their area on the site on a frequent basis which was hardly done previously. Potential members are using the e-commerce solution to purchase membership and use the FAQ section for any questions they may have. They also love the fact that we incorporated a “no right click” feature to stop plagiarism online of content.


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